Peacocks and Princesses – Inspiration

Our latest collection ‘Peacocks and Princesses’ is our favourite so far!

Inspiration for this came from two main sources and it has a very special place in my heart.

You may have noticed our scarf ‘Margaret’, our bag ‘Raine’ and collar ‘Beryl’ all have a recurring print of this cute squiggly princess. This princess was originally a drawing my mum drew for me one afternoon on the back of a crummy piece of bill paper. Sitting in my parent’s restaurant with her one afternoon, lunch service was over and I was making her a coffee behind the counter while she took a well deserved rest. “Mum, draw me a picture please!” I said to her.

“What of?” she asked.

“Anything! Whatever you think of when you look at me,” I replied, and she proceeded to draw a little princess. The innocence of her drawing and the cute depiction of me made me smile and I kept it in my wallet for many years.

Mum’s drawing

When I moved to London, my poor wallet which I had used since university needed to be replaced. As I was cleaning out my wallet, I found the drawing again hidden behind photos I kept of my parents. Memories of that afternoon flooded back and made me miss mum the most I had since I moved here. The drawing was looking a bit scruffed so I scanned it onto my computer to save it just in case the real thing fell apart. I didn’t have time to dwell on it too long as I was getting ready to do my first trade show the next day. On the way our cab (loaded with all our trade show display equipment and Soomin products) was driving past Holland Park.

“What the hell!” the cabbie yelled out as he stepped on the brake with us and all our stuff sliding around in the back. We looked out the front window and there were about four peacocks in the middle of the road! They had escaped from inside the park and were trying to cross the road! They eventually made it off the road (thanks to the help of a resident) and we were on our way to the trade show. I didn’t have much time to think about them at the show (aside from chuckling every now and again during the day when I remembered them) but once the show was over, I came home and started thinking about the next collection.

Both the peacocks and my mum’s drawing were things that had happened to me in the last couple of days that really stayed with me. I wanted to merge the two and create an elaborate fairy garden full of peacocks and princesses. In my research, I came across Walter Crane and William Morris – two amazing British artists I had only just discovered! Utilising some of their ideologies of the arts and crafts movement, I created these prints that were beautiful, colourful and vibrant. I was so excited at how the prints turned out from my initial inspiration of my mum’s drawing and the escaped peacocks crossing the road. More than anything, I wanted to portray the whimsical and beautiful feeling I felt when I thought of my mum and of the peacocks and I think the collection has done that for which I am very happy and proud!

Margaret scarf (print)

(From left to right) Calla scarf and Margaret scarf

Photography – Lynton Pepper

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