A fashionable meal – Dinner by Heston

What better way to kick off a pile of Fashionable Meal posts to come with none other than ‘Dinner by Heston Blumenthal’. Having been to his restaurant, ‘The Fat Duck’ in Bray, I had high hopes. Although, I knew nothing could beat ‘The Fat Duck’ experience, I knew I was still in for a treat. As anyone who has tried food by Heston Blumenthal will tell you, ‘simple’ is not something in his food vocabulary. Situated in the Mandarin Oriental …
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Soomin news update

We have a huge backlog of posts for you all and an abundance of Soomin News! Just in the past 4 months since I last posted, a lot has happened for Soomin. We have updated our website, and that included giving our little blog a gorgeous facelift too! This was part of the reason for the delay in posts, so we do apologise and appreciate your patience during that time. If you follow Soomin on Facebook, (if you don’t, we …
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Feature bag – Maya

As you know from the recent post I wrote about the inspiration behind the ‘Peacocks and Princesses’ collection, the peacocks that were casually crossing the road after escaping from Holland Park in West London, influenced one of the main prints of this collection. In this print, peacocks strut around a beautiful garden, full of orchids and lilly flowers. Maya, a simple clutch bag, exhibits this vibrant print in a peekaboo manner. When the clutch is closed, you can see snippets …
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Blogs I love – MoOG

BLOGS I LOVE MoOG – Ministry of Obvious Good One word to describe this blog – AMAZING! I could be slightly biased as it is written by none other than my best friend and one half of my hybrid muse, but it is seriously entertaining and absolutely fabulous. In her own words, “the Ministry is all about the sharing of all things that are blatantly good in this world (food and non-food related) – as arbitrarily curated by me.” I …
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Peacocks and Princesses – Inspiration

Our latest collection ‘Peacocks and Princesses’ is our favourite so far! Inspiration for this came from two main sources and it has a very special place in my heart. You may have noticed our scarf ‘Margaret’, our bag ‘Raine’ and collar ‘Beryl’ all have a recurring print of this cute squiggly princess. This princess was originally a drawing my mum drew for me one afternoon on the back of a crummy piece of bill paper. Sitting in my parent’s restaurant …
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My last blog post was almost a year ago and I am very ashamed at how much I have neglected my little blog. Since arriving in London over a year ago a lot has happened – I’ve designed 3 collections, done 2 trade shows, moved apartments, seen snow for only the 3rd time in my life, and eaten a lot of meat and potatoes. Soomin has grown slowly but surely and we have exciting projects lined up for 2012 for …
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4. Pork-belly

A fashionable meal – Kitchen W8

The great thing about London is that all these fantastic restaurants have really affordable deals for mid-week dinners and lunches. So, of course, when I found this out, I thought why not take advantage of this and go eat at as many of these places as I can? Kitchen W8 was the second restaurant after Alain Ducasse that my husband and I decided to go for the special deal. 3 courses for £24.50! We had been before with a friend …
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Say hello to Bernie

She arrived on a Friday at about 11:30am. From the moment I woke up, I was so excited and got the room ready for her. I cleared some space, moved our side table away and sat in anticipation for her arrival. She was fashionably late – as some good looking girls tend to be – and I got a bit antsy. But, finally, I heard her coming down the stairs. My husband ran out to help her, and we placed …
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A fashionable meal – HIX Oyster and Chop House

The first date my husband and I had in London was at ‘HIX Oyster and Chop House’ for none other than the supposed most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s day. Normally, both my husband, Shaun, and I do not really celebrate Valentine’s day, but this time we thought it was a good excuse to try out a great restaurant here and go on our first ‘date’ in London. It was a rainy Sunday night, the night before Valentine’s …
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Feature scarf – Rosie

Rosie was one of the first scarf prints I designed. Inspiration came from the most surprising place – dead flowers in my backyard in Sydney. I was outside putting up laundry and noticed a lot of fallen flowers from our neighbour’s tree on the ground. I took a moment to stare at them – the juxtaposition of the vibrant pink against the dry dead petals just grabbed my attention. Against the green bushes and brown wood chips, it just created …
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