Laser-cut Wing collars – Inspiration story

Our laser-cut wing collars are one of our most popular products – Press and our customers love them and so do we!

I’ve been asked many times how I designed them and the inspiration behind them. Funnily enough, it was one of my closest friends who gave me the idea. I was designing some new laser-cut pieces, and was working on an idea with wings. Everything I first sketched out just didn’t seem to work and I was complaining about it to my friend. All it took was one comment from her: “What about wings that wrap all the way around your neck? That would be kind of cool!” As soon as she said that, the idea started to take place and I started to draw out a new design.

The process:

This was actually a really difficult process! I’m not a great illustrator so I found it a bit tricky to draw wings that looked realistic, but still edgy. I researched a lot of different types of wings and took elements from different birds. I then scanned this really rough hand-drawn image into the computer and set to work, tweaking and changing it until it looked right. It then took a few more tweaks to get it the right size and dimensions to wear around the neck. It took a really long time to get it right!


I had this great leather I had bought that had a fantastic scrunched up metallic look, with the suede underside a completely different colour. I loved this contrast, and knew pretty early on that I wanted all the collars to be reversible so you could choose which colour to wear depending on your outfit.

I tested different fabrics and leathers but in the end decided to use only a few types of leathers that would sit on the neck properly.

I finished them with silver-plated chain and toggle closures. I wanted to keep them quite feminine and simple and not overdo it with extra embellishments.

Fun fact:

One of the collars is actually named after my friend who first gave me the idea!

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