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Laser-cut Wing collars – Inspiration story

Our laser-cut wing collars are one of our most popular products – Press and our customers love them and so do we! I’ve been asked many times how I designed them and the inspiration behind them. Funnily enough, it was one of my closest friends who gave me the idea. I was designing some new laser-cut pieces, and was working on an idea with wings. Everything I first sketched out just didn’t seem to work and I was complaining about …
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Dance Kaleidoscope – Inspiration

The ‘Dance Kaleidoscope’ collection features dancers entwined in repeating kaleidoscopic patterns designed to convey the passion of dance.  Laser cut leather and acrylic, metallic foiled leathers, hand-embroidery and digital print patterns on silk satin create a juxtaposition of visuals and textures that portray emotion and movement.  Where the inspiration first came from:  I have always loved dance – when I was very young, I had aspirations to become a prima ballerina. Then, in my teenage years, I discovered a love …
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Anthropologie Collaboration Story

Back in April 2012, one rainy London morning, we received an exciting email from the buyer of Anthropologie. “We came across your scarf designs and were so inspired! We love the combination of the beauty and novelty. We like to work with independent artists and designers to create very special items for our customers. We were hoping that you might be interested in collaborating in a scarf program?”   After we got over the initial shock that Anthropologie, one of …
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Peacocks and Princesses – Inspiration

Our latest collection ‘Peacocks and Princesses’ is our favourite so far! Inspiration for this came from two main sources and it has a very special place in my heart. You may have noticed our scarf ‘Margaret’, our bag ‘Raine’ and collar ‘Beryl’ all have a recurring print of this cute squiggly princess. This princess was originally a drawing my mum drew for me one afternoon on the back of a crummy piece of bill paper. Sitting in my parent’s restaurant …
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