Anthropologie Collaboration Story

Back in April 2012, one rainy London morning, we received an exciting email from the buyer of Anthropologie.

“We came across your scarf designs and were so inspired! We love the combination of the beauty and novelty. We like to work with independent artists and designers to create very special items for our customers. We were hoping that you might be interested in collaborating in a scarf program?”

After we got over the initial shock that Anthropologie, one of our favourite stores, loved us in return, of course, we said YES.

Here in the UK, we don’t have as many Anthropologie stores as the US. But I am fortunate enough to have one close to me, on Regent Street. Every time I walk into this Anthropologie store, my body tingles with excitement at all the treasures to be found, the eclectic mix of hidden gems in every nook and cranny.

The concept for this collection is ‘Gypsy Rose’ (romantic bohemian).  A gypsy/bohemian theme seemed the perfect choice to centre around, to coalesce the artistic philosophies of Anthropologie and Soomin. These scarves embody many of the elements that characterize Soomin designs: feminine and artistic, with a sense of novelty and whimsy, and embroidered elements re-imagined through digital print.

A feeling of dance and song is conveyed through hand drawn silhouettes, embellished with images of gold lace, woven wool, and gold braid.  Babushka dolls feature throughout – my own quirky little nod to the origin of Russian gypsies.

When I am designing, I always strive to incorporate some of my own personal memories into my pieces.  I started with a floral print for the background which was developed from a photograph of fallen roses from my home in Australia – a small link to remind me of family even when they are far away.   

The five-petaled flowers in the foreground used in both prints are an element that I commonly use in my own designs – embroidery reworked into digital print.  In this case, an embroidered flower has been worked into the digital prints to give a subtle trompe l’oeil effect.

 All these elements are layered and combined in a collage of motifs – an eclectic mix of seemingly disparate ideas which culminate in two scarf designs that reflect the aesthetics of Anthropologie and Soomin in perfect harmony.

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Available in the stores in the US and the UK – click the links below for each respective store.