A fashionable meal – Burger and Lobster

Anyone who lives in London (and loves eating) should have heard of ‘Burger and Lobster’ by now. One weekend, we decided it was time to try it. As it was an uncharacteristically nice day in London, we decided to stroll through the park. I wore my ‘Lilly’ scarf for the slight windy chill, and since we were only going to eat, I didn’t need a big bag so I used my ‘Maya’ clutch.






Burger and Lobster is another place in London that doesn’t take bookings (usually something that turns me off as I get very grumpy when I have to wait a long time to eat) but here, they have adopted the system of putting your name and number down on their list, so you can go and have a pint and they call you when your table is ready. I have heard some horror stories of people waiting over 2 hours for a table (and getting extremely drunk in the process) but we went in between lunch and dinner so it was only a short 15 minutes wait (only just enough time for us to chug our beers from the pub around the corner).

It’s simple – there are only 3 things on the menu you can choose from – burger, lobster, or a lobster roll. Walking in the smell of garlic butter greets you and the sight of people attacking lobsters excites. Of course, we opted for lobster. We decided to also try the lobster roll. Both come with their own little side salad and chips and the lobster comes with garlic butter. To be honest, I have not had a lot of lobsters in my life up till now, but this could change now that this place is so close to home. The lobster was delicious smothered in garlic butter. The salad had some pretty tasty dressing, and with the chips dipped in mayo (why would you eat it any other way?) I was so content.

We also got little bibs to protect our clothing – I wanted to bring one home, covered in bits of lobster and all, but my husband was telling me it was pretty disgusting. The waitress heard us arguing, and gave me a brand new one to take home – perfect service to top it off!

Burger and Lobster http://burgerandlobster.com/