Behind the scenes

Flashback Friday! Dance Kaleidoscope behind the scenes:  


Soomin news

We can’t believe how fast 2013 has flown by! It is almost 2014, and the last few months, we have been busy at Soomin designing our new 2014 collection, which will be available on our website and in our stores really soon. The new collection called ‘Hello Moon Pony’ was a collection that I had the most fun designing so far! I let my inner child free – using inspiration from different anime, cartoons and characters I love. (More on …
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Laser-cut Wing collars – Inspiration story

Our laser-cut wing collars are one of our most popular products – Press and our customers love them and so do we! I’ve been asked many times how I designed them and the inspiration behind them. Funnily enough, it was one of my closest friends who gave me the idea. I was designing some new laser-cut pieces, and was working on an idea with wings. Everything I first sketched out just didn’t seem to work and I was complaining about …
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Dance Kaleidoscope – Inspiration

The ‘Dance Kaleidoscope’ collection features dancers entwined in repeating kaleidoscopic patterns designed to convey the passion of dance.  Laser cut leather and acrylic, metallic foiled leathers, hand-embroidery and digital print patterns on silk satin create a juxtaposition of visuals and textures that portray emotion and movement.  Where the inspiration first came from:  I have always loved dance – when I was very young, I had aspirations to become a prima ballerina. Then, in my teenage years, I discovered a love …
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Soomin News

2013 has already shown itself to be a pretty exciting year for Soomin, with our new ‘Dance Kaleidoscope’ collection getting some amazing press, and being picked up by some really great new stores! One of the most exciting news was our ‘Jenny’ neckpiece featured on Demi Lovato on the cover of Company Magazine UK! Being our first ever cover feature, we were pretty ecstatic and, of course, Demi looked gorgeous! Check out some of the other amazing press we’ve been …
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Anthropologie Collaboration Story

Back in April 2012, one rainy London morning, we received an exciting email from the buyer of Anthropologie. “We came across your scarf designs and were so inspired! We love the combination of the beauty and novelty. We like to work with independent artists and designers to create very special items for our customers. We were hoping that you might be interested in collaborating in a scarf program?”   After we got over the initial shock that Anthropologie, one of …
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A fashionable meal – Nobu Berkeley

Nobu is one of those trendy restaurants that everyone has heard about. It has so many locations now it isn’t really that inaccessible anymore. Usually, that means the food is compromised. I can’t vouch for any of the other Nobu restaurants around the world, but the two Nobu restaurants that I have been to in London still continue to serve some stellar food. Usually, I prefer to go to the smaller, quieter, slightly less pretentious feeling Nobu London on Park …
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Soomin News

We will be going on a short summer break for 2 weeks for some fun in the sun in Italy and Malta! Stay tuned for more fashionable meal posts and fabulous inspirational photos when we get back!


Creative eccentricities – Soomin

I recently came across an article describing how most creatives are eccentric. It was written by a Harvard graduate and also described how this theory had been proven through psychology and history. I don’t know how much of it I really believe, but I started thinking about what my ‘eccentricities’ are. And there seems to be quite a few. Things I thought were not that weird, when described to other people, they find fascinating and odd. So I came up …
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A fashionable meal – Burger and Lobster

Anyone who lives in London (and loves eating) should have heard of ‘Burger and Lobster’ by now. One weekend, we decided it was time to try it. As it was an uncharacteristically nice day in London, we decided to stroll through the park. I wore my ‘Lilly’ scarf for the slight windy chill, and since we were only going to eat, I didn’t need a big bag so I used my ‘Maya’ clutch.           Burger and …
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